Hello, my name is Amanda Colette Doe. I am currently a mother, student, and a full time employee at Allied Plastic in Twin Lakes, WI. I enjoy helping others while in the administrative positon, it lets me see many sides of the business and keeps me busy. I have been studying Web Design, Web Administration and Digital Multi Media Design at the University of Phoenix for almost 4 years. I will complete my Bachelor’s program March 2017. I have been with Allied Plastics Inc. as their Administrative Assistant for close to two months now. I took a long break from work because I was a stay at home mom t my now 5-year-old son. In that time is when I decided to further my education so I can be more of an asset to any company I work for. I hope to use the skills I learn and master to help me be a successful part of my companies’ team and to further my small photography business dreams. In my spare time I enjoy biking, camping, geocaching, and of course taking photographs. I have two wedding under my belt and many family photo sessions. I hope to grow into a successful small business to get paid to do what I love.